A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The girl who's afraid of her looks meets the girl who's afraid of nothing...

You play as Sosengi Katsu, a shy, quiet teenager who'd rather not be seen by anyone, as she starts her first year of high school. But Nutsuo, a girl in her class, treats her like she's normal for the first time in her life.

As she slowly experiences life like everyone else, she has to overcome the question ~ How can you be normal when no-one treats you that way?

A kinetic novel of 5,500 words, that will take 20-30 minutes to play through depending on your reading speed.

The game has no music and it's only playable in 800x600 resolution, because I'm a total failure. Sorry.

A game made in Ren'Py for NaNoReno 2015! All art licensed by Creative Commons, please see the CREDITS.txt file for a list of all the artists whose art was used!

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading PDLAM!

Once the game is downloaded, unzip the package to open the folder, and run the 'PDLAM_PleaseDontLookAtMe.exe' program to play the game. * If you can't unzip the package, search the internet for programs that can extract .zip files!

If you've never played a Visual Novel or Ren'Py game before, please read the README.html document for an explanation of the controls.

Have fun!


PDLAM_PleaseDontLookAtMe-1.0-all.zip 47 MB