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HEY! My name's Disco Soul, and Disco is my LIFE! Upbeat, downbeat, smooth or funky, I love it all! But woah! I totally just got transported to an 'Olde Worlde'-type place, and it's ruinin' my groove, sister!

What am I gonna do in a world without Disco?!


  • That time I had a rap battle with a snake
  • That time I was handcuffed to a vampire
  • That time the Soul of Nightcore made a mixtape of me saying stuff in my sleep


Please note! This is Disco Soul's autobiographical version of events. They may be unreliable, factually incorrect, or plain made-up to make him look good. If we ever get a perfectly reliable chain of events, it'll probably be released as 'Curse of Dogs', and be longer and more fun! Consider this the 'Demo Version', except none of the scenes will make it into the actual 'Curse of Dogs'! Please enjoy this standalone story within the Curse of Dog's world!


Holy Moly! I can't believe I finished this game all by myself! What? ChillTaco? qualifiedbadger? Nah, I just dictated what happened to those guys, I did all the hard work myself. Honest!

Any comments, put 'em below or check out our thread on Lemma Soft Forums: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=35761

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComedy, disco, Funny, humour, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions


Sorry, but if you need download instructions to play a simple game, this one's probably not for you. You won't know what is happening most of the time, especially when the rap battle with the snake starts...



CURSE_OF_DOGS__DISCO_PARTY-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 32 MB


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This was such an amazing game wtf,,,, My friend and I were looking for the worst of the worst to play and wound up clicking on this but it turned out to be genuienly good and im sHOOK,,,,, I really hope you make more in this universe because this was just amazing and I wish it wasn't so unknown!! 

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I couldn't resist, so here's a fun day at the arcade for everyone. Thank you again for some super genuine laughs! (I hope you enjoy my fanart! Hehe!)

Hahaha!! OMG it's amazing thank you so much!! First fanart weeeee!!

I'm not sure if ChillTaco's on itch yet but I'll totally send this over to them ^^ Thanks again it's really awesome haha!!


Oh yeah, of course, hehe! You're welcome!

We actually just did our second playthru recently with pals and we loved it all over again. An inspiration...!

Haha that's awesome! So glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for all the kind comments!


Of course! You're very welcome~


love the all-around light-hearted silliness. amazing use of transforms and stuff for comedic effect, really made me feel like i'm under-utilizing some stuff renpy can do! my favorite part was when they went to the beach <3

Thanks for the comment, it's really nice! Yeah, after I'd read about ATL transforms in the renpy docs, I kinda went crazy with them, haha! Hope it wasn't too much!


oh not at all! all of the movement was really fun (and purposeful haha), it went really well with the script~ thank you guys for such an inspirational experience, it really gave me the feeling of being young and free and making whatever crazy thing comes to mind. if that makes sense!

Yeah that makes sense! And making whatever crazy thing that comes to mind pretty much describes the process we used to make it, haha XD Thanks again for you kind comments!


This game is honestly so fucking fun. Slade, Andre, and Disco Soul are a wonderful OT3.


Haha, thanks for the comment! But wait, what about Snakey, or whatever we called it? No OT4 with the rapping snake? :(


OH SHIT, definitely, we can't forget Larry!!!

Haha! XD


Me and my friends just finished playing this together and we absolutely adored it the entire time! We were laughing and loving everything.

My favorite character is a tie between Slade and Andre but by the end we def believed in the OT3 of Andre, Disco Soul, and Slade. Good ship, good ship.

Rap battle was wonderful every time and affects were good. Can't believe this is the first comment because this game is genuinely a ton of fun and super funny, BLESS THIS MESS. Gonna play more of your games soon. 5/5!

Wow, thanks so much! Really appreciate the comment, haha!

Yeah the characters are great fun! The were all created (and drawn!) by ChillTaco, whose idea it was based on. I don't think they were supposed to be shipped together, but I guess that's the way it turned out haha XD


Hehe, well, shipping is always just a fun side affect of enjoying something I think, y'know? Shows we were all invested enough to envision a future for these characters. (Which sounds super fucking silly when I say it like that, because look at this game, it's so silly, but still--) Please do send my regards over to ChillTaco then as well! <3