A downloadable Comedy Game for Windows

A parody of SRPG games!

It's a strategy game where you're not allowed to have a weapon.

Dodge the bandits! Save the Kingdom! Get stabbed in the back by your team-mates!

When war is about to break out between two kingdoms, you're tasked with sending a message of peace from one to the other.

However, your brother ALSO wants you to send a message to his beloved in another Kingdom. But has he really fallen in love, or is it just another meaningless fling?

Meanwhile everyone thinks you're a spy and tries to kill you. And a mysterious 'Messenger Killer' is rumoured to be assassinating messengers from behind the scenes...

What could possibly go wrong?

Only available on Windows. About 30-40 minutes playtime.


Keyboard: Arrows to move, <Enter> or <Space> to interact and talk.

Mouse: Left-click to move, left-click a person or object to interact or talk.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagscant-lose, Comedy, Funny, Parody, Short, srpg

Install instructions

To install:

Download the file.

Un-zip the .zip file.

Click on Game.exe to start the game!


KILLER_MESSAGE_Windows_v1.zip 109 MB


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i liked this game too funny :D

Thanks a lot! :P